The expressed mission of SonoGraphic Images, Inc. is to provide each patient with optimal care, respect, and high-quality ultrasound services.

  • We work with the clinical staff to ensure patient satisfaction. with the best ultrasound technicians in our South Holland office.
  • Coordination of all requests with the patient’s physicians to ensure optimal patient care, and ultrasound scanning in our South Holland, and Gary IN. , office
  • Provide a preliminary test result at the time of screening for the primary care physician’s review – preliminary test results are 99% accurate. ultrasound scanning
  • The final report will be submitted to the designated health care staff within 48 hours of testing via facsimile or Internet services. Done in the South Holland and Gary IN. office
  • Conduct all tests at the health care facility or at one of our facilities if preferred. Located in South Holland or Gary, IN.

Credentials and references are available. For ultrasound technician in our South Holland or Gary offices.