An ultrasound is frequently one of a physician’s requested diagnostic procedures. The following are a few of the most frequently asked questions about what to expect before or during the ultrasound:

Why does the bladder need to be full for a pelvic exam?
A full bladder pushes the uterus in a position where we can see it better.  The full bladder also brightens up the entire pelvis area so that we can adequately visualize the uterus and ovaries. It also moves the intestines and bowel out of the way.

Can I have a transvaginal exam while I am still on my period?
Yes, but if you are uncomfortable in any way we would be happy to reschedule your appointment.

Why do I have to fast for my abdominal ultrasound?
Fasting or the decrease in fecal matter decreases the amount of gas in the abdomen, which allows the gallbladder to be adequately visualized. The gallbladder contracts when you eat or drink.

Is ultrasound the same as radiation?
No. Ultrasound uses sound waves.

Is ultrasound better than other modalities?
Not necessarily. Each modality images differently. Sometimes it is necessary to image with different modalities different ways for the best diagnosis. An ultrasound is what your doctor’s office has ordered at this time.